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Uleybury Landfill

Uleybury Landfill

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NAWMA's Uleybury landfill receives domestic waste and residual industrial waste that cannot be effectively recycled, re-used or recovered.

NAWMA is implementing the world's most advanced system for baling this domestic and industrial waste prior to it being transported to the Uleybury site, which is a best practice landfill. It features advanced monitoring and controls to protect the surrounding environment and natural groundwater.

The management systems include:

  • an engineered clay and synthetic liner to form a barrier between the base of the landfill and groundwater;
  • pumping of leachate, or wastewater, from the base of the landfill into evaporation ponds at the landfill. The leachate emanates from rain that descends through the waste. Excess leachate, which occurs when the evaporation ponds are full, is transported to the Bolivar waste water treatment plant for processing;
  • a network of groundwater monitoring bores with regular sampling and testing to monitor for any leachate seeping into the surrounding water table;
  • surface water management and controls; and
  • a commitment to on-going monitoring of groundwater bores following closure of the landfill.
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Landfill gas management strategies are being implemented at the Uleybury landfill to ensure that:

  • gas concentrations are within accepted safety levels in site buildings and surrounding areas;
  • greenhouse gas and odorous emissions are reduced; and
  • trace impurities or toxins do not pose a risk to the community or employees on site.

In December 2013, LMS Energy - the site landfill gas manager - confirmed that the NAWMA landfill had received accreditation as a Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) project.

Extracted landfill gas is safely flared and will be used for power generation. Landfill gas extracted from the Uleybury site will produce approximately 1MW of renewable energy. This is enough to power over 1,000 homes.

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