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Household Hard Waste Collection Services

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In response to residents, the City of Playford, together with NAWMA (Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority), have offered an annual Household Hard Waste Collection Service, since January 2008

Playford Council Household Hard Waste Collection:

Playford Council offers access to a once-yearly had waste collection for each household free of charge. From January 2017 you will have a choice of two different months for your suburb.

Residents can book up to one month in advance for their hard waste to be collected from their home.


Andrews FarmJanuary or July
Angle ValeJanuary or July
BibaringaMarch or September
BlakeviewMarch or September
Bucklands ParkJanuary or July
CraigmoreMay or November
Davoren ParkMay or November
ElizabethApril or October
Elizabeth DownsJanuary or July
Elizabeth EastApril or October
Elizabeth GroveJune or December
Elizabeth NorthApril or October
Elizabeth ParkJune or December
Elizabeth SouthFebruary or August
Elizabeth ValeFebruary or August
Gould CreekApril or October
HillbankApril or October
HillierMarch or September
Humbug ScrubMarch or September
MacDonald ParkJanuray or July
Munno ParaMarch or September
Munno Para DownsMarch or September
Munno Para WestMarch or September
One Tree HillMarch or September
PenfieldMarch or September
Penfield GardensMarch or September
Sampson FlatMarch or September
SmithfieldFebruary or August
Smithfield PlainsFebruary or August
UleyburyMarch or September
VirginiaMarch or September
Waterloo CornerJanuary or July
YattalungaMarch or September

Guidelines for Suburb by Suburb Bookings

    1. Bookings are essential - contact NAWMA on 1800 111 004 (fees may apply from mobiles) or (08) 8259 2100. Register for collection two to four weeks prior to your allocated month

    (a letter of confirmation will be posted to you once bookings are received), please note once the month is fully booked your booking can roll over to the next month allocated to your area.

    2. Present items to be collected, stacked neatly and within the front of your property boundary.
    3. To assist collectors small items can be placed together in cardboard boxes.
    4. Ensure items are placed for collection prior to 7am on day of collection.
    5. The collection will operate between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

An important message for all residents.

Hard waste to be collected should be stacked within the front boundary of your property the night before or on the day of collection. It should not spill out onto the kerbside (unit complexes are excepted. Ask your NAWMA operator for clarification).

Items suitable for hard waste collection

  • Household Furniture:
  • Household Appliances:
  • Domestic Household Items:
  • Electronics:
  • Note: items must be able to be picked up by two people.

    Items NOTsuitable for hard waste collection

  • Greenwaste
  • Domestic mobile bin waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Car bodies/car parts or large scrap steel
  • Broken sheet of glass
  • Concrete, bricks, rocks or dirt
  • Ammunition or explosives
  • Gas Bottles
  • Paint tins containing paint
  • Construction/building matereals
  • The total quantity/area is not to exceed 2 cubic metres (small trailer load).

    Household Hard Waste Collection Service
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