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Town of Gawler Kerbside Collection Services

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Residents have access to a three bin kerbside waste management system.

Firstly, you have your regular 140 litre red lidded wheelie bin for household rubbish. This is provided free of charge by NAWMA. Secondly, you have the 240 litre recycling wheelie bin with the yellow lid. This is also supplied free of charge by NAWMA. Thirdly, you may purchase your own 240 litre wheelie bin for the disposal of garden and food organics (this bin must not have a red or yellow lid). This bin must be registered with NAWMA, and display NAWMAs yellow sticker before it will be emptied.

Please remember:

The collection dates are clearly indicated on the calendar circulated by NAWMA. Refer to the calendar for the appropriate collection days.

Please ensure that your bin is on the kerb (wheels closer to the house) by 7am on your day of collection.

For more information check out the attached

  • Gawler Waste Management Information booklet