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Kerbside Collection Days - Updated January 2014

The population and new housing development is increasing in different areas so for this reason we occasionally need to change some routes to even up the collections per day (better utilization of trucks).

The wheelie bin shaped collection calendars show you which week your kerbside collections will take place

The yellow band indicates which week you should put out your yellow lidded recycle bin along with your red lidded waste bin. The green band indicates which week you should put out your garden and food organics bin (if you participate in this service) along with your red lidded waste bin.

On the top right hand side of your wheelie bin shaped collection calendar you will notice it either says Week 1 or Week 2; (as per attached samples) this is to indicate which week the particular trucks are in your area.

Note the collection calendars for Playford and Salisbury now have the Suburb by Suburb Hard Waste collection schedule on the back, if you wish to book your Hard Waste collection simply phone free-call 1800 111 004 (note fees may apply from mobiles) or 8259 2100 the month prior to your due month.

Only the Public Holidays that affect your collection are marked on the calendar with a black square. These are Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day. There are no collections on these days and therefore collections all roll-over one day.

The attached listing will enable you to look up your regular kerbside collection day:-

  • What's my bin day - street listing.xls
  • If you have a smart phone you can keep up-to-date with all your collections by downloading the free My Waste App!

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