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Partnerships with recycling schools

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Sixty eight schools in the region are registered for recycling collection.

For example, recycling is a major educational focus at Trinity College Gawler.

Kara Smallman, College Prefect, Trinity College North School says: “Within Trinity College North School, there are twelve Houses, and two of them – Burton House and Fatchen House – take a proactive approach towards recycling.

“Burton House has organised to have paper recycling bins in every classroom. On the college grounds we have a big paper and cardboard bin. Burton House is involved in a competition on the Internet ( and its aim is to collect as much paper as possible for recycling each week.

“Fatchen House has organised bottle and can recycling bins that are placed around the college. It supports a less fortunate student overseas and the money raised from bottles and cans – generally $120 a term – goes towards the sponsor child.

“Fatchen House also recycles milk cartons and bottles from staff functions. Each term there are four bales – three of plastic bottles and one of cans. A 50 kg bag of milk cartons and eight pallets of bottles are also recycled. This generates $120 a term.”