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One of the key drivers of change in waste management in the northern region of Adelaide has been the closure of the Adelaide City Councilís Wingfield landfill in December 2004.

NAWMA identified as part of its continuing forward planning process the need for a comprehensive waste treatment facility and landfill to be operational upon the closure of the Wingfield site. This planning was based on the importance of an integrated approach to recycling and environmentally sustainable waste disposal.

The Uleybury landfill receives only domestic waste or residual industrial waste that cannot be effectively recycled, re-used or recovered.

NAWMA is implementing the world's most advanced system for baling this domestic and industrial waste prior to it being transported to the Uleybury landfill.

Uleybury is a best practice landfill site. It features leading edge monitoring and controls to protect the surrounding environment and natural groundwater. Gas management and renewable energy programs will maximise environmental and cost benefits.

Bales will be placed in the landfill in stages and progressively filled. Based on receiving 100,000 tonnes of baled waste per annum, the landfill will have an operational life of 16 years.

NAWMA has established an eco-friendly viewing platform at the Uleybury landfill with educational signage.

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To visit the Uleybury landfill viewing platform enter Medlow Road off Main North Road at Blakeview.

The viewing platform is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm when the site is operational.

Visit the Landfill
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