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Education and community awareness

Education and community awareness

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NAWMA runs extensive education and community awareness programs on its leading edge waste management operations.

Activity levels in the New Environment Education Centre at NAWMA's Edinburgh site and at the Uleybury landfill viewing platform continue to grow as schools and community groups become more aware of the quality of Authority's facilities and staff presentations, and the importance of responsible resource and waste management.

Exciting times here at NAWMA we are finally ready to take bookings for our new Environment Education Centre. Now situated at our new offices at : 71-75 Woomera Ave Edinburgh. Sessions from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday

There is still no charge just ring 1800 111 004 - bookings can now be taken for groups of up to 30 children and/or adults at a time. They will be shown, using a variety of educational tools, the reasons behind the need to 'reduce, reuse and recycle'

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Nawma is still also available to make visits to present waste education to children and community groups within the region (Gawler, Playford, Salisbury and The Barossa) if that is required. If you would like her to come out please ring the office (on free-call 1800 111 004) and make a booking. Her diary is always on the desk and any of the staff can pencil a date in if she happens to be out presenting a session.

Or just fill out the attached form and email to

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Groups can arrange their own commuter bus to include a trip up to the Uleybury Landfill, though if they do not have a bus there will be a 3 dimensional display incorporating a lighting system to explain the function of the baled landfill site. (The visits to the landfill are not suitable for children under grade 5)

Tours of the Resource Recovery Centre and Salvage & Save Shop can be arranged for groups of interested adults.

Our roving ambassador, Nawma, conducts a range of promotional and educational activities in schools and community settings with a focus on environmentally sustainable waste management practices.

Although the Environment Education Centre has been unavailable during 2016 Nawma has been out to conduct educational sessions with over 100 groups within the region, involving 3,230 children and nearly 800 adults, she has also been out to visit 7 groups within The Barossa Council area to present to 238 chiildren and 70 adults.

If you missed the wonderful ABC series War on Waste you can click this link War On Waste to view all 3 episodes from May 2017 - there will be a follow-up on the residents that participated later in the year so keep your eyes open for that too!

Another good site to check out for the reasoning behind recycling is The Waste Not site at

If you watch the plastic recycling short flash film (Clip 7 in the Activites section) you note that South Australia manage to recycle 80 per cent all our PET soft drink containers.

The CDL (Container Deposit Legislation) has proven to be the most useful tool to help reduce litter and increase participation in recycling in South Australia.

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